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Sauna & Fitness

Fitnessraum im Hotel Milderer Hof
Fit and vital through fun in movement.

Regenerate your spirit with the most modern Cardio devices. Restore your energy with spinning bikes, treadmills, cross trainers, 4-station-multi gyms and bicycle ergometre. Our fitness room remains at your disposal at all times. We will also gladly create an individual training plan for you.
After an active fitness round you will be able to find pure relaxation in our Marienbad. 

Infrared cabin

The physiotherm fitness and health cabin makes perspiration possible at 35°C. Regularly applied, this strengthens the immune system and can also ease lesser pains through the blood circulation of the vessels and the acceleration of the metabolism.

Aroma steam bath

The steam or nebula bath is the gentler variant of the Finnish sauna. The lower temperatures which are 42 - 45 degrees, as well as the higher air humidity have a cycle gentle effect and are immune-system-strengthening. By the addition of soothing ethereal oils a stay in the steam bath is particularly pleasant.

Brine bath

This inhalation bath is completely in the health-promoting aspect of the brine inhalation. By means of compressed air a very fine, purifying and anti-inflammatory brine mist is sprayed. A relief for the respiratory system. At temperatures between 37 - 40 degrees and a period of 15 - 20 minutes the brine bath is particularly beneficial during the colder months.


This mild and dry sauna form in which the temperature is between 45 and 55 degrees, warms the body up within a short space of time and stimulates an optimal decontamination and removal of waste material; the metabolic cycle is stimulated and the bodies defences are strengthened.

Finnish sauna

The positive effect of a Finnish sauna bath with 80-95°C on our health touches on the repetitive change between strong, brief warming and cooling stimulations. Biosauna


The Biosauna with its 65°C and a high air humidity is a gentle variant in order to perspire. This type of sauna is health-promoting, skin nurturing and is easily tolerated by many people.